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Cleaning company of apartments, houses and professional premises in Paris and Île de France

D&S Nettoyage specializes in all type of residential, commercial cleaning and maintenance of all types of floors (parquet, carpets, paving, stone, glass, painted cement or raw cement, marble, composite or synthetic materials, etc.), from all types of walls, partitions, ceilings, stairs, balconies, terraces, display cases, mirrors, windows, doors, baseboards, switches and furniture ( cupboards, desks, seats, benches), as well as in the cleaning of all types of equipment (IT equipment, lamps, displays, blinds, kitchen installations, grease filters, smoke evacuators, sanitary facilities, etc.). In addition, D&S nettoyage takes care of the storage of cellars, attics as well as the cleaning of the premises before renovation works, or the restoration after works.
Individual or professional, D&S Nettoyage will respond as quickly as possible to all your cleaning and storage requests.

“I had a great experience with dnsnettoyage from start to finish.”

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Our Services


For Individuals & Professionals

For your major cleaning operations in Paris and Ile-de-France, such as the clean up of an apartment, house, office, store, industrial cleaning, resturants, hotels, call on D&S Nettoyage, we provide you with a full range of cleaning services.

Special Cleaning

Owner, you want to restore a rental apartment that has been somewhat neglected ..You are going to carry out renovation work, repainting, etc. which previously requires serious leaching. The work is finished, but the floor is covered with stains of paint, traces of glue, plaster, and needs to be detached, or your wall hangings are impregnated with dust, and need a dusting .. The future baby's room should be clean, sanitized and inviting ... Your restaurant kitchen requires a complete cleaning

Cleaning Company

Your premises have suffered from a fire or water damage ... pickling is necessary ... Your sanitary facilities (sink, shower, toilet) need descaling ...Your premises, waiting rooms, corridors for the use of your customers with their glass door carpets (and therefore fingerprints) and seats require regular maintenance to enhance your brand image. You want to rehabilitate a cellar or an attic, after they have been cleared ...
... all these and many other areas fall under the competence of D&S Nettoyage.

Our Cleaning Products


We have tested all of the products we use carefully. Their choice meets the criteria of efficiency, reliability in their use, respect for the environment, and a guaranteed absence of nuisances such as persistent odors or irritating, toxic or allergenic fumes. This is why we favor, on the one hand products that are undoubtedly banal, but have proven themselves for a long time, and on the other hand, those that are truly innovative and reliable, whether designed by French or foreign laboratories. , and developed by manufacturers capable of guaranteeing an indisputable label and ecological reliability.


There are products (acids, volatile stain removers, soda lye, etc.) whose handling has various known drawbacks, but are only really dangerous if used improperly or incompetently. Very rare are the cases where the use of such products proves essential, so we only use them in case of absolute necessity, and only after the implementation of all the most rigorous precautions and safety measures.

We've worked with many big companies and individuals of high reputation.

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